04 December 2015

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Supplier - Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) - Wax LED Candle Light

Apple Blossoms Trading (000893742-H) 

Mobile : +6-016-9828918
Phone : +6-03-20959764
Email : info@appleblossomstrading.com
Website: www.appleblossomstrading.com
Address :
34A, Persiaran Ara Kiri, Lucky Garden, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wax LED Candle Light


Product Description : 
Wax LED Candle Lights are specially designed to emulate the realistic vibe of candles. It is made of real wax creating a relaxing aura and enjoyment of the natural scent, without the hassle of flames and mess. It is smokeless and eliminates the risk of fire. These are ideal as indoor decoration with its aestheic natural wax beauty. The LED light emits an amber colour tone and flickers like the real candle. It is battery operated and can run up to more than 100 hours (depending on battery power). LED Candle lights are safe to use and eliminates the risk of fire as it is smokeless and releases no CO2 emission - "No Flames, No Fumes, No Wax Mess" 

Product Specification : 
Material: Wax 
Battery: 2 x AAA 
Running Time: Approximately 100++ Hours (depending on battery power) 
Switch: ON / OFF
Light Color: Amber Flicker
Shape & Dimension: 

- Cylinder (3"x4") 
- Cylinder (3"x5") 
- Cylinder (3"x6") 
- Square (3"x3"x3") 
- Square (3"x3"x6") 

Application : 
Interior decoration, candle light dinner, home decor, table top display, events, party, spa etc.